Why Giving Matters


The collective impact of your contributions be it your time, talent and treasure can make a critical difference to your Alma mater. The impact of your support has left its mark within campus be it through infrastructural improvements, faculty and student related initiatives and above all through the volunteer driven alumni movement. Your contribution and involvement is vital to improving the student experience, creating new ideas and path breaking research, and enabling the ever improving academic stature of IIT Bombay.

We invite you to visit our 'initiatives' section and the links below to see how IIT Bombay alumni donations are helping create a world class future for the students, faculty and alumni of IIT Bombay. In particular, see IITBHF’s Annual Report, IITBAA’s Annual Report, and the Fund Utilization Report from IIT Bombay’s Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations.  IITBHF is a non profit organization, see the IITBHF Form 990 Filings below.