Student Scholarships

Student scholarship is an urgent and critical need area at IIT Bombay. The estimated need is for approximately 2500 scholarships for UG students. Tuition fees at IIT for the current academic year are Rs. 2 lakhs per year (a 122% increase over 2015). The total cost of 1 year study at IIT including mess bills and other incidentals, is about Rs. 3.5 lakhs per year. With the increasing diversity of student population joining IIT Bombay, there is now a need to provide financial support to a much larger number of students. Nearly 50% of the students joining the undergraduate program are now from economically disadvantaged background. Considering the huge need for financial assistance, a large number of deserving students are not provided with the support that they deserve. We would like to ensure that no admitted student is denied an IIT education due to lack of funds. Thanks to the generous contributions of alumni in the US, 337 additional named scholarships have been established at IIT Bombay so far. As many as 2114 students have received IITBHF scholarships between 2000 and 2016.

Named Scholarship Options
Annual Award
Tenure (years)

INR 1,00,000
INR 25,000
Hostel/Mess Expenses
INR 1,90,000
Tuition and Living
INR 1,00,000

Why do I give to IIT Bombay?

IIT Bombay gave me an opportunity to think clearly and learn how to solve tough problems. It also gave me a motto “Gnyanam Paramam Dhyeyam”. Keeping this in mind has served me well. It gives me great pleasure to fund scholarships at this awesome institution to lend a helping hand to deserving hardworking students.

- Narendra Joshi, IITB, C’79, MechE, H2

The Silver Jubilee Reunion of my batch in 2011 gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my alma mater, which has played a central role in shaping my life and my professional career. The significant increase in tuition and mess fees at IIT Bombay motivated me to channel my contributions towards the critical need area of scholarships. My other motivation was to honor a key mentor during my days at IITB by naming the scholarship after Prof. S.L. Narayanamurthy, who has had a major influence on the institution and on the Chemical Engineering department.

- Atul Athalye, IITB, C’86, ChemE, H6

IITB made an immense impact on my life and taught me a lot more than what I learnt in classroom. When I went to IIT the fees were very minimal so my parents could afford it. Now the fees are so high that not everyone can afford it. I believe in equality of opportunity and do not want any qualified candidate turning away from IIT because they cannot afford the fees. That is why I donate to the IITBHF Scholarship fund.

- Balaji Srinivasan, IITB, C’93, ChemE, H7

Giving Changes Young Lives
A few words from students at IITB

Video Message from Sudhir Kumar, a Student Scholarship recipient at IIT Bombay

Video Message from Shalaka Kulkarni, a Student Scholarship recipient at IIT Bombay

“I am getting Merit-cum-Means scholarship from my institute which is helping me and my family financially. I had taken a loan, but now I don't think it will become a burden for me to repay it as most of it has been paid by scholarship.”

- Harsh Yadav, IITB, 3rd year student, MechE, H3       

“The scholarship helped me to cope financially and thus helped me in buying various educational resources. It felt great to be awarded with the scholarship.”

- Shruti Hiray, IITB,  2nd year student, EE,  H10