Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship Program: Connecting alumni, students,  mess workers and hostels

Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship programme (HATS) is an important alumni-driven initiative that aims to channel the affinity and affection that many alumni have for their Hostels.
Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship (HATS) is an important alumni-driven initiative that aims to channel the affection that many alumni have for their Hostels. HATS started with the Hostel 7 campaign in 2006, and continued with the Hostel 4 campaign in 2009. Under the leadership of an enthusiastic “core team”, HATS has leveraged the past successes to develop a campaign for all hostels.

The focus of HATS is to improve hostel infrastructure and facilities, assist mess workers, empower students to improve their living conditions under the aegis of Make Hostel My Home (MHMH), and to organize hostel level reunions in each hostel on Alumni Day.

Report as of March 2016
Key strengths of HATS:

Mess workers benefit:  
HATS supports mess workers who have spent more than 25 years in service and those mess workers, who have retired after completing 25 years of service in the hostel, receive monitory benefits of  1 lakh.   These benefits are received by deceased mess workers/family. As of Dec 2015, HATS has managed to pay all the eligible mess workers this benefit and there is no back log.  HATS has not restricted itself to mess workers alone but it has supported 80% of the cost of tuition and books of the children of mess workers of Hostel 7. This was supported by HATS funds of Hostel 7. HATS has so far disbursed Rs. 1.54 crores toward Mess workers as of Dec 2015.

Improving hostel  infrastructure and facilities:
 HATS is a project where the current students connect with alumni of their respective hostel.  Not only this, it helps the alumni know what kind of environment or conditions the students from their respective hostels live in. The alumni get a peek in students’ hostel life which in a way helps them to understand their lives and help the hostel fund towards various infrastructural needs and facilities required by the students. HATS empowers students to improve their living conditions under the aegis of Make Hostel My Home. (MHMH).  Alumni funded several projects to improve the infrastructure of the hostels.  These projects are jointly defined by students and alumni. 

HATS fund has been utilised in various initiatives and welfare of the hostels. So far:

Intangible benefits: Student  &Alumni:
HATS provides a very good platform for student alumni engagement. A life of a student revolves around his/her books, hostel, labs, thesis, submission etc, but there is hardly a chance where a student can connect with the alumni. Through this engagement, the alumni encourage students to become future model alumni. Through STARS (Students Achievement through Research & Scholarship), HATS provides a process and a forum for alumni to mentor and sponsor projects defined and implemented by students under the guidance of their coach / professor.  Students connect with alumni by organizing hostel level reunions in each hostel. These reunions may be organized year-round, but the silver-jubilee reunion on Alumni Day (last Sunday of December) is the most prominent of these reunions.

“If you see someone  without a smile, give them yours :)) Hostel life is the best and worst part of  student’s campus life at IITB. Hostels play a crucial role in student’s  development forming the strongest bonds and unforgettable memories. At the time  when hostel conditions are fast deteriorating due to aging building and sudden  increase in student strength, alumni support towards immediate and crucial  needs of students would enable hostel to provide the same enriching experience  as it has always given. Few basic necessities not considered by the institute  due to some reason, can be immediately addressed using HATS support.

HATS cannot be just alumni providing funds to hostels.  Hostels that are relatively more successful in reaping the benefits out of HATS  are the ones having a proactive HATS core team of alumni giving their expert  guidance on project implementation and operation. Student councils and IITB authorities  also need to take the ownership of projects under HATS and continue to improve  and strengthen them. Successful Laundromat project in H8 and H6, and  bookshelves in H7 are some good examples of alumni funded projects solving  problems related to daily student needs. I am sure IITB had a huge impact on  us, now it’s time for us to make an impact on student life at IITB through our  time and resources.”-------Saubhagya  Singh Rathode- B.Tech, Civil, 2014, H2

Reports as of March 2016

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