About Fundamatics

Fundamatics is the quarterly print (Magazine) and online (E-zine) publication by IIT Bombay Alumni Association. While it is envisioned as a magazine first and foremost by IIT Bombay alumni, faculty and students, it also aims to reach out to the society, and the nation and beyond with relevant articles. Reinvigorating the art of the spirited essay, Fundamatics aims to bring together the best of IITB thought and debate, giving an opportunity to alumni, faculty and students to display thought leadership on diverse subjects. Our ultimate aim is to engage and hence the magazine aspires to create conversations in every page that you flip through thus ensuring that there is something in it for everyone.

While the hard copy is posted to our subscribers, distinguished alumni, retired faculty and directors (past and present) of the Association, the E-zine is available free to all of our 45,000+ alumni and friends of the Institute. Click this link to access the E-zine version of Fundamatics.

We are planning a jumbo fun-filled issue that captures history and nostalgia related to IIT Bombay. If you wish to share your memories of eccentric profs, your hostels or unique IITB lingo or any pictures/memorabilia, send in your own submissions to the editorial team at fundamatics [at] iitbombay.org. 

Current Issue

The latest issue of Fundamatics has education as its theme, delving deep into the core of the Indian educational system. And, coming out the eve of the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence, the issue takes on a special significance. It brings together different voices to create an interwoven narrative about the major challenges faced by the education system today: How do we deliver high quality education to the millions of young Indians in a timely and meaningful fashion?; What is the long-term effect of raising fees in our public institutions?; What role should the government play in publicly funded institutions; what is the value of education to the individual or to the nation?

The issue also discusses changes to generate better learning outcomes.  Scroll down to check out the articles in this issue.

From the Beehive BY QUEENBEE

“How far has the education system in India come?” asks Queenbee on the 70th anniversary of the country’s Independence. 

Cultivating Liberal Arts: An Essential Colour for the Education Rainbow BY BUMBLEBEE

Parag Saxena on the need of the hour for Indian education and the content that will make it relevant. 

IIT Fee Hike – The Wrong Way to Go? BY DINESH MOHAN

What will the raising of fees in public institutions cost us? 

An Arm and a Leg — Not Just a Thumb BY ALI BABA

About the plight of modern Eklavyas who will lose more than a thumb to pay for their education. 

The Internet Wave (1994 – 2002): The Internet Changes Everything  BY KASHYAP DEORAH

A book excerpt that gives us the inside story about the dawning of the digital age. 

The Restaurant at the Edge of the Reef BY KADAMBARI DEVARAJAN

A quiet walk on a tropical beach yields priceless bio treasures and indelible life lessons. 

The Role of the Government in Publicly-Funded Institutions: To what extent should the government be setting the agenda for activities of the institution or its faculty? BY BEHERUZ N. SETHNA

Examines if educational institutions should work within a development framework to meet the needs of the country. 

Fragile Foundations: Infra @ IITB BY INSIGHT TEAM

A students’ perspective on the general state of infrastructural disrepair at IIT Bombay. 

The Six Intelligent Men at Kitzbuhel BY RAJ NAIR

Six world leaders hold an emergency summit at the Austrian ski town to tackle an imminent economic meltdown. 

English Vinglish BY BUNKUMBEE

Celebrates the resilience of English language that has evolved way beyond its default settings. 

Syria: What the Forest Tells Us BY VIVEK JOSHI

Explores the political crisis in Syria through a unique geopolitical lens. 

It Wasn’t Too Long Ago… BY TEJAS SHYAM

A fleeting glimpse into eternity that is experienced only through love. 

Trek to Kuari Pass (The Curzon Trail) BY JOGESH MOTWANI

A twelve-member team’s incredible excursion into the majestic Himalayas. 

I am a Positive Person BY SUSHIL BHATIA

Captures an epiphanic moment in which the author wonders if being positive is always the best route to take. 

A Day in the Kitchen BY SUSHIL BHATIA

A light piece that tells you how to address the problem of plenty in kitchen. 


A not-so-subtle satire on wars of a different kind waged in a certain academic institution.