New Alumni Portal for IITBHF/IITBAA

Features of the new portal

Posted on 15 Dec 2016

New Alumni Portal for IITBHF/IITBAA 

IITBHF and IITBAA are pleased to announce and launch the new alumni portal The new alumni portal is feature rich and provides a platform for alumni to interact individually and as a group. In addition we are also rolling out Google administered email boxes for all alumni. Some of the features of the new web platform are:

  • The portal has a powerful search feature which allows users to locate and communicate with fellow alumni based on a multitude of search criteria including interests, employer, batch, department, geography etc.
  • Google administered mailboxes are being rolled out to all alumni. Email with login credentials will be sent to all alumni who are registered on the legacy portal. The new user ID will be the same as your old UID. If you do not plan to use this mailbox as your primary mailbox, please set forwarding options upon login as old forwarding will stop as of March 31, 2017.
  • The new alumni portal allows alumni to connect with IITB related social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn newsfeeds and links are provided on the platform.
  • Alumni Needs Section. This section allows you to harness the power of alumni network. You can ask your need (academic, relocation, career, projects, mentorship etc) and the alumni community can respond.
  • Jobs Portal. Alumni can post job openings in their companies as well as browse for openings.
  • Events platform. Chapter leaders and alumni office can create event pages with signups, pictures etc.
  • Fundraising Platform. You want to contribute to the institute. Want to launch a fundraising campaign, the portal provides a powerful tool and analytics.
  • News Feeds. Twitter, Facebook and other news feed are fed automatically to the portal.
  • Picture Gallery. Just visited campus and took MI pictures or monsoon pictures, or went on a hostel group outing, post pictures to share on the portal.
  • Customize preferences to receive emails from us. You can customize your preferences in profile to specify the kind of emails that you receive – local events, global events, announcements, institute news etc.

Many of these features are available only after login to the portal. We are rolling out the login credentials for mailboxes and the alumni portal in a phased manner to all 47,000 alumni worldwide over the next few weeks. Please keep a lookout for the email.

You can continue to access the legacy platform through Mar 31, 2017 by going to