IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation and Alumni Association are happy to roll out this new alumni website

November 27, 2016

Posted on 27 Nov 2016

IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation (IITBHF) & IIT Bombay Alumni Association (IITBAA)

We are happy to roll out the IITBHF/AA new alumni platform (www.iitbombay.org), that has been developed through the collaborative efforts of IITBHF in the US, IITBAA in India, and Almabase Inc.  

We now have Google administered @iitbombay.org accounts. Please follow this 2-step process to (This should take about 5 minutes of your time):

                            (i) Setup / claim your new google account, and

                            (ii) Login with your @iitbombay.org account into this new website and update your profile.

Instructions for setting up/claiming your new Google @iitbombay.org account and logging into your account on the new IITBombay.org website :

1. Log in to the newly provided  Google @iitbombay.org  account by clicking here to claim your google account.  Enter your @iitbombay.org username and password provided in the email.

2. The system will ask you to change the password (this is just the first time).

3.  Important!   You should update your forwarding email address to your preferred email ID if you do not plan to use this as your primary email box (the forwarding address is temporarily set to our legacy server). If you plan to use this mailbox as your primary email box, then you should delete the existing email forwarding.  You can do this by going to: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/fwdandpop

NOTE: The legacy server will be turned down after 3 months. So it is very important that you update the forwarding address appropriately.

4. Go to www.iitbombay.org and click on the red @iitbombay.org button on the top right part of screen to choose your Google @iitbombay.org account.

5. Verify and update your profile to make use of the full functionalities of the platform.

IITB – Login / Account Claiming – Tutorial Video

Please Note:

  •  If you are having any difficulty with this process, please contact us at iitbhf-group@iitbombay.org
  • The login credentials of the old iitbombay.org site will not work on the new site.  We are rolling out login credentials for all alumni for this new web infrastructure in phases.